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Comfort Corselet Clara 3459
Comfort Corselet Clara 3459
Simple elegance for every day! The comfort corselet of the CLARA range with the adjustable comfort straps not only effectively shapes the body with stretch fabric on the torso and functional micro-fabric in the cups.With its slimming...
  • B-D=75-120, E-H=75-100
  • From €99.95 *
    Airita Komfort-Korselett 3550
    Airita Komfort-Korselett 3550
    Figurschmeichelnd und luftdurchlässig ist der Komfort Body Airita, der dank seiner formenden Jacquard-Ware mit offener, atmungsaktiver Struktur für ein angenehmes Körpergefühl und ein sanftes Shaping sorgt. Im Vorderteil bringt eine...
  • Cup B - F 75 - 105
  • €99.95 *
    Sophia Komfort-Korselett 3509
    Sophia Komfort-Korselett 3509
    Schmeichelt der Figur und sitzt wie eine zweite Haut: Im bügellosen Komfort-Body Sophia modelliert sanft eine formende Stretchware, vorne verstärkt durch eine durchgehende Fütterung, die schön kaschiert. Das luftig wirkende Dekolleté...
  • Cup B - E 75 - 105
  • €99.95 *
    Komfort-Korselett Havanna 3512 schwarz
    Comfort Corselet Havanna 3512
    Sensual and elegant appearance is guaranteed with comfort corselet HAVANNA. Elegant floral lace and forming microfiber gently smooth the silhouette. Thesoft microfiber lining in the three-part cups ensures opaqueness yet adds a subtle...
  • Cup B - E 75 - 110
  • €89.95 *
    Comfort Corselet Fiore 3596-2
    The sensual and feminie corselet FIORE with elastic, floral lace and shaping tulle creates a sleek silhouette. Three-section cups with an opaque lining inthe lower cup section ensure pleasant comfort and create an exciting look. A satin...
  • B-D=75-110E = 75 - 100
  • €129.95 *
    Support Corselet MicroEnergen 3409
    Support Corselet MicroEnergen 3409
    MICROENERGEN will allow you to relax on highest level. The special designed Meryl-micro in the three section cups allows the cup to be even more supportive.The thick reinforcing band guarantees 360° Body Control, protects the stomach and...
  • A-D=80-115, E-F=80-100 ab Gr. 100
  • From €139.95 *
    Entlastungs-Korselet 3419 angelskin
    Support Corselet Mylena With Front Zip
    Reliable support for every day! The support corselet from the MYLENA range has extra reinforcement in the tummy area.The front fastener makes dressing and undressing easy. Padded, wide support straps do not cut in and are diagonally...
  • B-D=80-115 E = 80 - 105
  • From €149.95 *
    Support Corselet Safina
    Support Corselet Safina
    This support corselet from the SAFINA range has a seductive style! Transparent embroidery on the three-section cups makes the corselet a seductive eye-catcher.At the same time the softly padded support straps as well as a panel on the...
  • B-D 75-105
  • From €114.95 *